Send Your MR or CT Examinations

We can evaluate and report your MR or CT examinations, if you want to send them through our web site.

Please contact us, to learn the pricing and to obtain the username and password. You will then able to send your images to us.

You should provide below listed requisites:

1) Your CT or MR images, provided in a DVD or CD.
2) A computer connected to internet.
3) The username and password obtained from Macrorad Teleradiology

How Can You Upload The Images?

1) Find the folder of th CD or DVD within your computer. Right click on the icon of that DVD or CD and then click “Open”. Then find out the folder containing your images. These images are in dicom format and mostly they are put in DICOM folder.

2) Right click on that folder and copy it. Then paste it to the desktop of your computer.

3) Then make a "zip" file from that folder.

4) Use this SEND YOUR CT OR MR link - ( Alternative Link ). Now click login buton. Use your username and password, provided by Macrorad Teleradiology.

5) Find "browse" button at the bottom of that page, then find and choose the file you have already zipped on your desktop.

6) Click the “upload” button. After your click, the transfer begins.

7) When you see “Done” on the browser’s Status bar, this means you have succeded to transfer your images to Macrorad Teleradiology