Post-Processing Lab

Our professional teleradiology team can provide 3D image processing services for MRI and CT examinations. Post-processing includes Multiplanar Reconstruction (MPR), Maximum Intensity Projections (MIP) and 3D Reconstructions with advanced workstations and software. Our highly skilled and experienced team can produce 3D, MIP, curved MPR and MPR images of coronary CTA.


  • Coronary CTA
  • Triple rule-out
  • Carotid CTA
  • Peripheric Arterial CT
  • Liver volume calculation
  • Pulmonary CTA
  • Kranial CTA
  • Renal CTA
  • CT Venography


  • Cerebral Arterial MRA
  • Cerebral Venous MRA
  • Carotid MRA
  • Renal MRA