Our Company

Dr. Nurettin Katranci and Dr. Ozgur Cakmak worked together in establishment of the Radiology Department of Private Antalya Anadolu Hospital and dealed with every details of this work. They worked together in this department between 2005-2008. They shared their experience and dynamism. Working together, they have seen what synergy can produce. In January of 2008, relying on the knowledge and the experince they have, they founded Macrorad Teleradiology.

Macrorad Teleradiology is one of the leading teleradiology companies of Turkey. In August-September 2008 issue of Diagnostic Imaging, Macrorad is listed amongst the known international teleradiology providers. Macrorad moved to his own office in 2010. In Macrorad Teleradiology office, the images from the remote hospitals and imaging centers are collected. And then these images are evaluated, reported, archived or distributed to the radiologists for consultation. The experienced radiologists of Macrorad, dedicated to quality, works in an enviroment, that has fast and reliable internet connections, communication with VPN, advanced workstations and a well-equipped PACS system.

We would like to thank to all those companies who works with us for their support and respect to our assets that made us go further.

Advantages of Teleradiology

  • To provide high quality services to those hospitals, imaging centers or rural facilities, which lacks adequate radiology service.
  • To provide 24-hours radiology reporting to emergency services.
  • Fast and easy access to consultation of more than one radiologists, and make the correct diagnosis.
  • To cover radiologists being out of their offices due to planned vacation or unplanned illness.
  • Specialty radiologists may be available to read specialty studies.
  • To reduce the high costs for those places who have a workflow that is well under the need for a full-time radiologist.

Advantages of Macrorad Teleradiology

  • Long-time and reliable collaboration with a corporate identity,
  • Experienced radiology team,
  • The examination quality control for CT and MRI examinations,
  • Detailed and high quality reporting,
  • Secure infrastructure and communication systems,
  • Routine reporting available within 24 hours,
  • Online communications and sharing with the clients
  • Cost advantage
  • Reports are available as ready to print out (no need for radiology transcriptionist).
  • Archiving of images in our PACS, allowing to easy comparison with previous examinations.