Due to the brilliant performance of Dr.Ozgur Cakmak when he was a staff in our hospital, we always have a desire to work with him again. After he left our city, we found a way to work again, by the way of teleradiology. We are happy to use this opportunity, because the manager of our radiology department and all staff doctors of different specialities all are very satisfied with Macrorad Teleradiology Services. They really make accurate diagnoses and also provide very detailed reports. The pincipals of teleradiology workflow was constituted very quickly, and an efficient collaboration is established. We hope that this kind of high quality alliance will continue into the future.

Mahmut Akdag, MD, Radiologist,
Head Physician,
Batman Medical Park Hospital
It is widely accepted that diagnosis and treatment should be directed with the help of "evidence-based medicine", keeping up with advancing technology. The equipments used in diagnosis and treatment are advancing very fast, so that there is a strong relationship of technology and medicine. With the help of Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and Picture Archiving Systems (PACS), the data and radiology images of the patients can easily be archived, and thus can be reached remotely.

In recent years, the advance in communication technologies helped "Telemedicine applications" to evolve fastly. “Teleradiology applications” give opportunity for fast diagnosis and is used effectively in places that lacks staff radiologist. Teleradiology solutions of Macrorad company is found to be experienced and reliable. I want to thank them, for providing 24 hours teleradiology services, for working in an ethical manner, and for their scientific approach to medicine.

Musa Inal, MD, General Surgeon,
Head Physician,
Ceyhan State Hospital
My speciality is very unique. We are dealing with the nerve tissue. It acts without any negotiaiton. It is intolerant to any mistake. It is very sensitive and fragile. If you touch to a inaccurate area, you won’t have any opportunity to recover.

If you are dealing with nerve, you should not prepare good, you should prepare best. Preoperative period is as important as the operation, and to me, it is even more important. Most times your five sense feels incapable. In this circumstance, the doctors of Macrorad take action and became your 6th sense. They can see, which you can’t and they can explain that you have seen, but can’t understand. They enlighten your way like a huge projector.

Being my 6th sense for about 5 years, I feel very happy and honored to work with these doctors, who are fully-equipped with knowledge, skill, discipline and foresight; and has investigative and sharing properties.

God bless your hands, eyes and hearts.

Hakan Ozsuer, MD, Neurosurgeon,
Head Physician,
Private Antalya Anadolu Hospital