Our Technology and Workflow

We, in Macrorad Teleradiology, believe that teleradiology does not solely consist of reporting at home. We believe in sharing experince and knowledge. Therefore, beginning by the first day of our foundation, we always worked in an office. In the present time, we are working in our own office, which is equipped in a detailed fashion. Macrorad is providing teleradiology services with rebust and reliable infrastructure in its office, that has fast and reliable internet connections, advanced workstations and a well-equipped PACS system. Beside being radiologists, we have extensive knowledge about computer technologies, PACS, teleradiology and software. We always take the advantages of this knowledge. However, we feel ourselves safe, with the support of a well-experienced network security team .

We provide the connection with the site of our clients within a very short period of 24-48 hours. We provide secure connections via VPN. We can even establish connections to our office through cellular phones via VPN.

Radiology images are reported after reaching our office. In any circumstances, even if our radiologists are far away from each other, they can easily access the images, evaluate them and then discuss the cases. This helps our radiologists to make accurate diagnosis. The radiologists of Macrorad guide the examination protocols of their clients, aiming to provide problem-solving, reliable, high-quality radiology reports.

All the radiology examinations are archived in our PACS system. This allows us easy access to previous examinations and make a proper comparison.